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by Steven H. Nemerovski
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Is THIRD PARTY fact or fiction? It is an intriguing story that could become reality in the hands and hearts of the right people. No matter how passionate or well intended America’s third party proponents have been to-date, the current “system” is designed to defeat them. In THIRD PARTY, one visionary man shows how it can be accomplished in the face of insurmountable odds.

Vol. I “Starting in the Middle”  is the story of Alex “Atlas” Stein, a self-made billionaire, who risks wealth and reputation to create a viable third political party in America. It follows the resourceful efforts of Atlas and his loyal team from the conception of the E Party through two election cycles and the intervening legislative session. Volume I is filled with the “behind the scenes” cut-throat political maneuvering that makes American politics the ultimate contact sport.

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VOL II “Strange Bedfellows”
by Steven H. Nemerovski
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Volume II, Strange Bedfellows, examines the twisted thinking of modern day Democrats and Republicans that it is more important to get elected than it is to govern responsibly. Focusing on the evils of win-at-all-costs elections and the role decennial redistricting plays in protecting incumbency, the story sheds light on the legislative process and how policy goals take a back seat to political dynasties.

This political thriller is again cloaked in suspense revolving around the diabolical DNC Chairman, Eddie Cobb. As the E Party fights for its’ survival, in consort with Republican leaders and others, Cobb outdoes his hostility from Volume I by unleashing a series of relentless,subversive attacks in the spirit of America’s many unprincipled, cutthroat politicians.

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