“ This is a fascinating look at what might happen if someone with real money had the fortitude to try to change what is wrong with politics in this country. …(Third Party is) a very entertaining novel with enough story lines and twists and turns to make you not want to put the book down until finished…”

Galton, Amazon Book Review

We are heartened and grateful to book clubs across the country who have recommended Third Party to their members. This unusual political novel is both entertaining and enlightening – the perfect combination for those who enjoy in-depth sharing of fine fiction.

Below is a series of thought-provoking book club questions created by first-time author, Steve Nemerovski. He welcomes book club questions and comments and is available to speak directly to your book club members.
CAUTION: Some of the following questions reveal and/or allude to plot details.


1. Do you agree with the author’s conclusion that the U.S. needs an effective, competitive third political party? How did the book impact your thoughts?

2. In the tradition of Nat Carson, discuss the “winners” and “losers” following the election at the conclusion of the book?

3. What lessons did you learn about the political process and how did they shape your views about the current system?

4. Do you agree with Tom’s decision to hide his illness? Discuss the implications at various junctures in his life, including (a) during his career, (b) during his brief relationship with Nancy Rae and (c) upon learning of the rumors regarding his sexual orientation.

5. Do you agree with the various decisions that K.C. makes throughout the book? Nancy Rae?

6. Did the Third Party make the correct decision in initially allowing Speaker Kennedy and President Welk to remain in their seats of power? If not, what alternative result should they have pursued?

7. Did Atlas choose wisely in allowing Tom to become the candidate for Governor?

8. When the Third Party cuts its deal with the Speaker for his support of Tom in exchange for votes to again retain him as Speaker, Atlas asks “what else do we want in return?” What items would you put on that list?

9. If you were casting the Third Party movie, whom would you cast in the lead roles?

10. Combining your day to day experiences with the internet and the ideas that Lauren implements, how do you see the evolving relationship of the internet and politics? What are the plusses and minuses?